Exporting my audio file

Very new to this. I’ve been asked to audition to do an audiobook. I’ve done the reading and saved the files. How do I send it to the author? It says it’s too big to send as an attachment.

You’ll have to use a file sharing service (or mail them a CD :stuck_out_tongue: ).

In case you don’t know this, “we” have some tools and a [u]Recommended Mastering Procedure[/u] to help with checking/meeting ACX’s technical-quality standards. This is after you have a good recording.

(or mail them a CD > :stuck_out_tongue: > ).

You have a Zip drive, right?

Just kidding.

We have a simple quality control test if you want to do that. It’s ten seconds of simple reading. No effects or mastering.


We can tell you how close you are to being able to produce ACX compliant sound files.

They wrote the book, right? There is a caution that the book you read has to be available on Amazon in any form, and the book can’t be on this list (scroll down).


So no, you can’t read a cookbook. There is a fuzzy rule that the book needs to have characters, plot, and setting.

Are you a professional voice and this is your first book?