Exporting music from Audacity from a new iMac

Hello, So I have a latest iMac which does not have any CD slot to put in for burning purposes. My questions are as follows;
i. How would I be able to export my music project from Audacity, on a new iMac into a machine that has a CD drive slot?
ii.Is it possible to export project from Audacity to iTunes?
I have tried to export my project in audio format in mp3 and had no luck completing it. I guess the problem is that mac does not recognize mp3 exporting!

Anyway, I hope I could get some feed back to find ways to burn my Audacity project into a audio CD.



Export from Audacity as a WAV file.
You could copy the WAV file to a USB memory stick to transfer it onto another computer.

I will do once I get home tonight. Thanks