Exporting Music files [SOLVED]

I am using Windows XP3, and Audacity version 2.0.6.
I have recently encountered this problem .
I am editing MP3 music files, and even some FLAC music files. These I wish to burn into a CD which can played on any CD player.
After doing the editing, I save the final file as Save as. Then I select the file and click on Export selection. I have set the parameters for Stereo . These files USED to be saved , and I could burn tem into a CD.
Just, suddenly I get a message that the file has an extension “wav.” and it may not work on all applications. And true enough , when burnt into a CD, there is only electronic distortion and no Music.
I have read , and re read, and tried to follow the suggestions given in the Audacity Manaul. I also down loaded the Lame V3.99.3 .
But the problem still persists.
Pl advice me, what steps I should take to get these files into a WAV format which I can burn onto a CD.And listen to music happily ever after.

LAME is only for exporting MP3.

No, if that was a message in Audacity it said “Normally these files end in “.wav” and some programs will not open files with non-standard extensions”.

If that is what you saw, either remove the dots (periods) from the file name, or if you want dots in the file name, add “.wav” (without quotes) to the end of the file name. See Audacity Manual .


Hey Thanks Gale…
Your suggestion works…Phew !