exporting multiple track

I record the entire LP using the pause key to stop while I turn the LP over. Some track are normal size (600 to 900 mb) others are very small (15 t0 35 mb) these small tracks can be played through windows and sound OK but when copied to a CD they are listed at 1 to 3 seconds long and there is nothing there.

I have searched this forum and have found no similar problems. I recorded the entire album with no labels and the one track copies to the CD. However, when I add the labels and silence the dead space, only some tracks are complete, possibly the othes are copies of the label only. Any comments or suggestions?

You did miss a couple of the finer points.

You got your album(s) onto the timeline OK and then you put a label at the beginning of each song. Then you Export As WAV and Audacity collected all your individual songs into a pile somewhere.

Are you doing this at the 44100, 16-bit, Stereo Audacity Preference setting?

Are you filling up your hard drive? How large is the drive and how much room is there left?

Did you use any funny characters in the filenames? Upper and lower case letters, numbers, dash and underscore are the only acceptable characters in a filename. If you used anything else, your computer may assume a character is a command and goodness knows what might happen.


Thanks koz,

I will try to change the track names, because mine apparently are unacceptble.

You were right, koz ;
My file names were unacceptable and the new file names made the files workable. I am beginning to become a happy camper. Maybe now I can get down to work.

Thanks again…