Exporting multiple labels as aup?

I am working with a 4 channel recording. I have inserted about 20 labels into the (long) recording and now I want to export each segment as a separate aup file to facilitate further editing on smaller more tenable sections. I believe I need to use the “export multiple” feature here but in the drop-down I don’t see an option for the .aup type (e.g. audacity type). I tried exporting as wav but as I expected it melded all 4 channels into a single stereo file. I need to preserve the channels so I can work on balance etc for each segment.

Any way to do this?


It’s a bit laborious but yes you can do it:

  1. Select the first labelled region.
  2. Ctrl+shift+K to ensure that the selection is in all tracks
  3. Ctrl+T to trim to the selection
  4. File menu > Save Project As (give it a unique name)
  5. Ctrl+Z to Undo the trim
    Repeat these steps for each section.

that was what I was doing earlier and abandoned that method. Gets pretty cumbersome with long chamber concerts with a lot of works and movements.


Yes it does, and easy to mess up too, so ensure you’ve got a good backup of the whole thing.
Tip for the future: Split the recording into manageable size sections sooner :wink:

We have this “feature request”:

Split to multiple projects: Split the project into smaller multiple projects by labels, similar to the “Export Multiple” command. Each project retains the per-track labels of the original single project. (9 votes)

Do you want to “vote” for that?


Sure–that would make it a lot less clerical-


I added your vote. Thanks.