Exporting Multiple FLAC tracks

I recently separated one long concert audio file into multiple tracks to separate the songs. I’ve followed all of the instructions re: Exporting Multiple Tracks and have no issue exporting the first song. Unfortunately I’m unable to go beyond that. The next track never comes up. According to the online manual, the next track should come up and it never does. Does anyone know how I can export my remaining files. It only allows me to export that first track. Thanks in advance.

By “track” do you mean “song” or “Audacity track”?

A screen shot of your project would help us diagnose your problem.

– Bill

I meant song I guess. I took the one long concert recording and separated it into 13 songs or tracks. After multiple failures with the Export Multiple feature, I just selected each song and exported the selected songs one at a time. Definitely more time-consuming, but it worked out in the end. I still don’t know why I couldn’t get to the next labeled track after exporting the first labeled track.