Exporting multiple files, numbering from a certain number

Numbering after File Name prefix, when exporting multiple, is a nice option. But when you have to export several hundreds files and you have to repeat the exporting process in smaller group of files, you run into a problem, repeating file names.
it would be nice to have the option of starting numbering from a ceratin number, to avoid producing, files with same name.

You need to log enhancement requests like this on Muse’s GitHub:


You need a GitHub account for that, but those are free.


Personally, I think this is a very sensible request and I would support it.

Though actually when I was digitizing my LPs and tape I always added 01, 02, 03 etc, to the beginning of my labels and then dealt with metadata (including track numbering) in iTunes after I fad exported from Audacity and imported the files into iTunes.


A workaround is to change the “prefix” for subsequent runs.
For example if you set the prefix to “1”, then the file names will be: “1-01.ext”, “1-02.ext”, “1-03.ext”,…
And then on the next run change the prefix to “2” to get files: “2-01.ext”, “2-02.ext”, “2-03.ext”,…


Something like this mock-up?


While I do see the usefulness of having such an option, I also see the usefulness of having options for:

  • 3 digit numbers (001, 002, 003, … 999)
  • Numbers without leading zeros (1, 2, 3,…)
  • Include current date in file name
  • Specify separator between prefix and number (“prefix-01”, or “prefix 01”, or “prefix_01”, or …)
  • Append number only when needed to avoid name collision (“my_track”, “my_other_track-1”, “my_other_track-2”, “yet_andother_track”, …)

and there’s probably other options that would be useful for some users.

The current options already provide a lot of flexibility, but it isn’t practical to provide every possibly useful option.

Thanks. Sounds nice. For the moment I m saving the new files in a seperate folder and renaming them using, Bulk rename utility, a free application that is managing the renumbering job very well. But I think Audacity, needs the option of starting to number new files from certain number, the way you find in applications like, greenshot.

It is a nice way of doing it.

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