Exporting Multiple Channels

using the advanced mix selection on export… does anyone know if writing 4 audacity tracks to 4 channels will be regcognized by an Apogee Duet? Does audacity export the proper kind of file for use with the apogee duet module?

I want to export a file that is one stereo track music to channel 1 and 2 that will go to the house audio system
and then a mono click track to channel 3 that I want to route through a separate channel to 3 headphones of the band.

thanks in advance


You can export multi-channel WAV files and AAC 5.1 surround. Past that I’m not sure. What sound format does the Duet require?


after 3 calls to Apogee today I still do not know that and they can’t tell me clearly what equipment I need and the proper steps to make what I want to do happen. I want to play a high resolution audio file,… preferrably .WAV on a hand held device, preferrably an Ipad Mini… I would like to create a high resolution .WAV file on Audacity… and export it to a file that has 2 channels of music that goes to the house and one channel of a click that goes to a 4 channel mixer connected to musicans headphones. This is a common configuration. The Apogee DUET has 4 channels OUT that can be assigned within the unit. The DUET uses a program called MAESTRO 2 and also has it’s own internal software. I can export a 3 channel .WAV file from Audacity, but the only way that I know it is 3 channel is that it shows 3 channels that I can assign to just before hitting the EXPORT button. After that, I am not sure that it is the proper type of file as I do not yet own the Apogee Duet and really don’t want to buy it and all the accessories if it cannot play the file. I will be back on with Apogee tomorrow to ask the specific file type. I did find the users manual for DUET… but I don’t see anything about playing an audio file… it is more about recording live instruments. http://www.apogeedigital.com/pdf/Duet2-UsersGuide-print.pdf have to read through it a few times to see if I can pick up some info from it. Thanks

Just to add, Audacity itself only plays mixed down to stereo.