Exporting Mulitlple Freezes

I have a stereo recording (44100, 16-bit PCM) almost 5 hours in length. It has 26labels, each marking the beginning of a song in the show.
I want to burn these songs to a set of CDs, so I am using Export Multiple to save the songs to my drive in a format suitable for a CD.

My problem is that Audacity (2.3.0) freezes before it exports all the songs. The first time, it froze on track 6 (I think). The 2nd and 3rd time I tried this, it froze on track 11.

If this problem cannot be resolved, is there a way to export multiple tracks starting with track 12?



Audcaity 2.3.0
Windows 10 Pro, 64-bit with 12 GB RAM

You really need to find out why that is happening. How much free space is there on the target drive?

You can temporarily delete from the start up to song 12 (select both the audio and label tracks up to the start of song 12).
Ensure that you have a good backup first - if Audacity freezes or crashes, then on restart it may only recover from song 12 to the end.