Exporting Mulitiple Tracks are not lined up

I Have lots of tracks that aren’t lined up from start to end in audacity and I can’t figure out how to make them longer or keep them on time when bouncing down multiple tracks to mix in a different software. Each time I do any kind of bouncing it just starts where the track starts, not the beginning where they all need to be. Any help would be greatly appreciated thanks!

Moderator note: “Bouncing” is a term that means saving or exporting in some other audio software.

Click just after time zero in each of the tracks that does not have audio starting at zero, hold SHIFT and press HOME to select from the click point to time zero, then Generate > Silence. Or just click and drag to zero then generate silence.

If multiple adjacent tracks don’t start at zero, then after SHIFT + HOME, you can hold SHIFT and press DOWN arrow to extend the selection into the other tracks, then Generate > Silence.

After that you can select a track to export then use File > Export Selection… or if you want to export all the tracks at one go you can use File > Export Multiple… .

Would you like there to be a preference to export silence at the start of tracks whose audio starts after time zero?


No but what is the home key?

The one labelled “HOME” on your keyboard …

duh…lol thanks forget that key exists. thank you for the help