Exporting MP3

I am running on MAC Mojave. Have Audacity version 2.4.2. I export as an MP3 to my seperate hardrive. However , when I access the hard drive the file isn’t there. If I attempt to access the file through Audacity it shows it is in that hardrive. I am completely puzzled. I never had this problem with the precious version of Audacity.

I also noticed that when I access the file through Audacity, the file nm is listed but the file icon is grayed out!

How do you “access” the external hard drive?

For the issue of the files being greyed out when you try to open them in Audacity:

  • at the bottom left of the file-open dialog there is an “Options” button - click it
  • this will reveal the “File types:” drop-down menu
  • in that drop-down menu, choose “All files”.

– Bill