Exporting Mp3 to 192 Kbits, not 128

Is it possible on the last 2.0.5 version to export files in Mp3 in 192 Mbits and not in 128, as the Lame impose ?
I don’t find the posibility, although the previous version of Audacity seems to gave it…
Thanks for your help …and sorry for my English !

Older versions of Audacity allowed you to change the MP3 export quality in Preferences. Newer versions allow you to change it during the export step.

File > Export > Format: MP3 > Options…


That’s what I saw on other forum. But actually, I just have the possibility to export (not written “Mp3”). Because I have this Lame, I can export in Mp3 128 but nowhere “options”.
I have 3 windows : Export/Register (on desktop by ex.)/Edit métadonnées (in french) and then, if I clic, Audacity transform the file in Mp3 128 and register it directly on the desktop…

“File menu > Export” to open the File Export dialogue: http://manual.audacityteam.org/o/man/file_export_dialog.html
Select “MP3” where it says “Save as type:”
Then click on the “Options” button.

Oh yeh ! Maybe it was not written big enough !!! :unamused:
Well, sorry and thanks
Good evening …!