Exporting Labels

Hi aGaiN,

First off, would like to mention the Label Track feature of Audacity is GREAT. I use it almost every day… for adding QUOTES underneath Audio lectures.

So this is a positive report, and a feature request wrapped into one. Have assigned Ctrl+Alt+L across bottom of keyboard to EXPORT the Label track, however Audacity cannot remember the path or filename of the Label file in the Save dialog box (or possible Open dialog - must test it again). Also I cannot simply DROP a label track onto Audacity.

Lastly, and not being up on the Project feature yet, would like the ability to open an Audio (typically a lecture in FLAC format) and have the label track also open underneath at the same time. Any hints?

So yeah… please integrate Labels into Audacity to the full extent possible. :slight_smile: and keep up the good work.


That may not be possible. “Labels Tracks” are a feature of “Audacity projects”, so when you save a project, label tracks are saved in the project. FLAC files are audio files and do not have label tracks. To save the labels with the audio you need to save the Audacity project.

Apparently FLAC files do support embedded “Cue Sheets”, but I don’t know much about them, and they are not currently supported by Audacity. They don’t appear to be used very much, but I found mention of them in the FLAC FAQ: https://xiph.org/flac/faq.html

As Steve says normally the labels and the music track co-exist in an Audacity project.

But you can say export the audio to FLAC or WAV - and also do File>Export Lables
Then at a later date you can import the FLAC/WAV and then use File>Import>Labels

Works a treat, I just tested it. And it will probably be more robust saving a FLAC/WAV and its associated label track rather than using the Audacity Project format for longer term storage/retrieval.

I agree that the Import>Labels is not so obviously discoverable as it is not on the same menu level as the export labels (which does seem a little odd).


And yes, you can’t drag&drop the exported label file back onto an open Audacity project (I just tested that) - but I can see why that may be useful (but that would be a feature request).


These type of annoyances await a code “refactoring” that is deemed important before making behaviour more consistent.