Exporting labels without the frequency measurements

I see that if a label is created from a region in a Spectrogram track, the label file also contains the frequency range for that label. I want to export the labels with the times and the label titles but without the frequency measurements. Is there anyway to export just those measurements or to copy and paste just the text I want in label editor? Or is the only option to re-create all my labels in the waveform window?

Thank you!

Ooh, that’s not nice. I guess the developer never thought about anyone doing this. I shall log this as a bug.

You can remove the frequencies by opening the Label Editor (https://manual.audacityteam.org/man/labels_editor.html), then one at a time, double click in a frequency box, and “delete” the frequencies. On Windows / Linux, you do that with the “Del” key, but I’m not sure on Mac). When deleted, the frequency is displayed in the editor as “-----.–”.
Repeat for every listed frequency.