exporting labels as aud?

Searching here I could not find and answer. I have a rather long (3 hour) file of a concert and have broken it up into a few labels. I want to export each range of data into separate aud files for faster and easier processing. I checked the export function but this is only for other formats. is there a way to do something similar, breaking up the aud file into smaller aud ones directly? ( I could rexport as wav file but this is slow and I am worried about bit loss).


Sorry no direct way - what I would do if I wanted to do this is:

  1. Use File > Save Project > Save lossless copy of project several times (once for each labelled section) Projectname-1, Projectname-2 etc.

  2. Then you can open op each one in turn and delete the ones you don’t want

  3. Importantly step-1 will retain your original complete project *in case things go wrong.

    The other way to do this would be

  4. Open your project

  5. select one of the labelled sections

  6. Ctrl+Z to copy that section to the Audacity clipboard

  7. Ctrl+N to open a new project

  8. Ctlrl+V to pastes the clipboard contents to the new project

  9. Save your new project

  10. then work on that subproject

Then repeat for each labelled section.


Thank you for your reply. Probably the cut-and-paste method is the most streamlined here