Exporting HELP

So, I have the newest version of Audacity which I believe is 2.0.3 and I am having a lot of problems exporting this mash-up that I made…The mash-up is 7.5mb long and i downloaded the .dll file that I needed to export and it seems like I have tried everything and nothing is working at all and it is literally driving me nuts…Can somebody please help me out

OK. Deep Breath.

“I need to export my 20 minute long Audacity show as an MP3 in order to post it to my podcast.”

Did I hit it?


Are you able to export as a WAV file? If so, do that first to ensure that you don’t lose your work.
Then tell us more about what you have been doing and what you are wanting to do. :wink:

I have tried to export it as a .WAV file and it always does the same thing and it literally makes no sense at all…When I saw it does the same think, it only saves one song, which isn’t working because I created a mash-up and all I want to do is export it so I can put it on SoundCloud hahaha

Describe your project. How many audio tracks in the project? How long (duration) is the project? Does it play correctly from start to end if you rewind and then press the play button? (a screen shot could help).

What exactly are you doing (step by step, click by click) to export the project?
Remember that we can’t see your machine, so if you say “and then I export”, we have no idea of what you are actually doing, Describe it in sufficient detail that we can do exactly the same as you and get the same result.

So the mashup contains, Ass (Remix) with Cyclone x Baby Bash x T-Pain…The duration is only 3 minutes long and yes it does play correctly in audacity from start to end but then when I try to export it, it exports but the file size is only 1.7 megabytes which isn’t right at all, when I go to export it, I click .mp3 or .wav and then I click save, then it saves the project in .mp3/.wav form but is only one of the section of audio that I used in my mix, if that makes any sense

You’ve lost me there.
To export, you click on the “File” menu and then … (talk me through step by step from there).

We can’t see your machine and we can’t tell what’s wrong by your description. So we got that you have a terrific mashup with multiple songs on the timeline and you want to do a simple Export to MP3 in order to post it on line.

How are you doing That? Click by click.