Exporting Headerless files as .ws6 on mac

Hi, I am trying to export waveforms in the following format from Audacity on Mac Pro. The trouble is even saving as headerless, it saves as raw, but i need the file type to be .ws6. Even changing the extension in audacity from RAW to WS6, ends up with the file being named as XXXXX.ws6.raw, is there a workaround with this?

this is my export settings, file size etc ends up perfect, it just wont allow me to remove “RAW”

the wave forms are to be used in a synthesizer and specs need to be as follows

Export info requirements from the synth manufacturer

The alternative waveform format should be as follows:

  • 16-bit signed integer format samples
  • Normalised, single-cycle waveform with 4096 points (8192 bytes)
  • Bandlimited at sampling frequency/8 (Nyquist/4), i.e. frequency content above 512 Hz in your 4096 point waveform should be removed
  • Binary file containing no header data and file extension .ws6

thanks for any assistance :slight_smile:

Can you remove the “.raw” extension from the file name in a file browser afterwards?

Hi There, I can, but the synth doesn’t recognise it, if i pull up the file info in MAC finder even with .raw removed and .ws6 in it’s place, the header still says “kind: Adobe Photoshop Raw File”

U.D.O the Synth Manufacturer states it must be headerless

when i pull up info in finder for one of the manufacturer’s file the header/Kind says :Document

it’s kinds beat me this one, saving as headerless from audacity on PC doesn’t seem to replicate this?


There must be some extra metadata outside of the file contents itself that says what type of file it is (the file is exactly 8192 bytes in size, so it can’t be in the file itself). I’m not a Mac guy, but I do know that a file on MacOS has both a “data fork” and a “resource fork”. The extra metadata is probably in the “resource fork”, and there’s probably a way to edit that if needed. Or send it to a non-Mac friend and have them send it back to you. :slight_smile:

That makes sense, i think thats what I may have to do, I do have an old windows laptop but its very old haha thanks for the input :slight_smile:

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