Exporting files

After digitizing an LP I wanted to export the newly created file (at this time I don’t want to deal with projects), and during the procedure I would like to have control of the subfolder where the file will be saved.
I definitely don’t like the default subfolder (If I remember well it is the Documents subfolder, a definite no-no to save any audio file), so in each case I had to navigate to the subfolder I wanted the AIFF file to be saved. A bit of a hassle to do it every time.
I tried to find a setting in the Preferences, but I couldn’t.
I am running MAC OSX 10.9.5 on a one year old iMac.
Any suggestions?

If you’re digitizing LPs, most people want to break up the show into songs and then export the songs.


Where did you tell the system to save the file? I changed it to my desktop and it just does it there every time. I thought it defaulted to the /Applications folder (it used to) and that’s a serious problem. I don’t remember how I did it. I think I just Exported a sound file there once and it stuck.

Are you an administrator on your machine?