Exporting Files

I just right clicked on my computer and moved my audacity files to an outboard device and deleted them from my computer but not from my recycle bin. However they wouldn’t play from my outboard device so I restored the files but audacity still can’t find or play them.Any advice? Thanks :slight_smile:

If you’re trying to move Audacity Projects, you have to be careful to move the AUP file and the _DATA folder of the same name together. They have to appear in the same folder or directory to open a show.


The AUP file isn’t a music file. It’s a list of instructions how to make the show out of the pieces in the __DATA folder. That’s why the _DATA folder is so big. That’s the actual show music.

Further, if you elected to use external music files in your show, that’s much harder. You can’t easily move the music files with the show. You should change the setting so Audacity makes personal copies of your music files.

Audacity > Edit > Preferences > Import/Export > When Importing: [X] Make a copy (select). Audacity gets a lot bigger when you do that.