exporting file as mp3

once ive edited a file like i need…how do i export it as an mp3? i see in the drop down under file where it says export…but it doesnt give the mp3 option.

First step, Export the work as a WAV (Microsoft) 16 bit. You need to change Audacity to export MP3 and you may not be able to keep the show if you don’t Export it as something, and 16-bit WAV is a perfect format. MP3 causes sound damage while it’s working and WAV doesn’t.

You need to download and install the ‘lame’ software package. That’s what gives Audacity the ability to Export MP3.



You have to click on the File > Export… item which then opens a dialogue where you can choose the format such as OGG, WAV or MP3. In that dialogue, click the “Options” button (once you have chosen the format) in order to set encoding options for that format, such as the MP3 export bit rate. These encoding options and the format choice are not in Preferences as they were in Audacity 1.2.