Exporting by labels for several tracks in one file?

Good Morning All,

As I am working on splitting and combining two long tracks within one audacity file, how can I export each individual track within the file, by labels?

When I followed the directions in the manual, it is only exporting the mp3 by labels from the very first track:

“Only labels in the uppermost label track are used for export.”


How can I export the other tracks by labels that are underneath it in the file?

Thank you.


Ayesha Nicole

If you can’t find a solution, you could export to a new single-file first. Then split into separate songs/files.

Use WAV or FLAC for your intermediate file to avoid an unnecessary (lossy) MP3 compression cycle.

And, you don’t have to label the new file if you don’t want to… You can simply select/highlight and Export Selected Audio, one at a time.

Thank you.

My work around was to move the 2nd track and its corresponding label track to the top and export multiple by labels (while muting all other tracks); and then repeat it for each additional track.

I really appreciate the help on these boards!