Exporting Audio with Spaces

Hi, folks:

I’m having a problem outputting. I need to hand off a project to a partner who uses ProTools, so I want to output each channel of my Audacity project as a wav file, and then my partner can import the wavs to ProTools.

The problem is, some of my tracks start with space, not with audio. One channel is sound effects, and the first one comes up at the 3:55 mark of that track. When I go to export the line, though, the resulting file begins with the first audio. It doesn’t give me 3:55 of space before the first audio comes up.

What do I do to make sure the entire line exports AS IS to a wav file?


Barry Abrams

Generate a silent track somewhere in the show. Make it start at zero time and be the longest thing in the show.

Then Select your target track whether it starts at zero or not and the silent track. Audacity will smash them both together when you export, effectively putting “silent” in the missing segment of show track and without messing up the timing.

I believe the next version of Audacity doesn’t do that any more.


And just in case that didn’t come out right, Select one sound track by clicking just above MUTE. Hold SHIFT and select the silent track by clicking just above mute. File > Export Selected Audio.