Exporting as a document bug in 3.4

When exporting, if I name a file and I don’t type “.mp3” after the end of the name of the file, it exports as a document. Usually I can just type whatever file name I want without having to physically type “.mp3” and it will know it export it as mp3. Thanks

this just got fixed in 3.4.1

I just downloaded 3.4.1 and I am still having this problem… Can you explain how to fix it?

hm, when I click on “export” it automatically appends the file extension for me. How do you export the file? Can you show a screen recording maybe?

I figured it out! I have to select “current selection” and not “entire project” in order to get it to do the mp3 extension automatically.

Actually no, it still doesnt appear to be working. Let me see if I can do a screen capture to show whats going on

Here is a screen recording of the issue. It only works half the time and is very complicated to get right.

This is a bug, but the devil is in the details. If you’re saving as an mp3 file and you type abc in the filename box and hit enter (or alt-e, for export), the file is saved incorrectly as abc. But, if you click on the export button, it gets saved correctly as abc.mp3.

I’m using 3.4.1, by the way, and it definitely still has this issue.

oh, I see now! If you press enter to save and don’t do anything else, it doesn’t work.

As a workaround, if you do anything else before (eg Tab → Enter), it autocompletes as expected.

Okay! So for now I have to physically click the export button! Good to know!

I personally find the Tab-Enter workaround much faster than clicking the export button, since I’m already at the keyboard typing the file name. But it will be even nicer when the bug is actually fixed (hint, hint).

OH I see what you mean now by tab-enter. So just type in the file name, and then click tab, and then click enter. Strange because clicking tab just highlights the next text box but I’m seeing that it totally works!

we’ll try for 3.4.2!

Thanks for this. I was just going to comment on the same issue.