Exporting album as separate tracks

Hello I have recorded a 14 track album and added labels in between each track. I then exported it to “my recordings” and burned a CD from the file This ended up as 1 track. I still don’t know how to export a project and have separate album tracks. Is this possible or does each track need to be exported individually to a folder.

burned a CD from the file This ended up as 1 track.

What kind of CD did you burn? You were intended to run your Audio CD Authoring and Burning Program. You know you have the right one because it allows you to swap songs back and forth for pleasant presentation, and most important, it allows you to choose the blank spacing between songs. None of the other CD formats do that. So if you never got that option, then you weren’t making an Audio CD.


Thanks for your response but you did not explain the correct method for exporting the tracks which I could not initially find in the tutorial. I have found it now. There was nothing wrong with the CD buring programme (Ashampoo). I now have 2 audio CDs, one not split into tracks and the other split into 14 tracks which is what I wanted.