exporting a wav file

Audacity V 2.0.5 windows XP.

Hi, Im a newbie and this is first question. I am in a band and we have recorded a song with a small hard disc recorder, I have loaded up each individual instrument into audacity, renamed them and mixed the levels, i have also overdubed some direct into Audacity through my sound card. What I would like to do is export the overdub I have recorded and send it to my friend who also has Audacity and the same audio files as me, the trouble is that as I overdubed my tracks on the fly, when I export them and my friend tries to import them they dont sync with the original because they don’t have the same start time.- Audacity just assumes all imported tracks should start at 0

Is there a way of attaching silence at the begining so we don’t have to time shift them into the right position?

Yes by generating a little silence at the start of each track - see https://forum.audacityteam.org/t/save-each-track-in-project-but-preserving-blank-space/32184/2 .

If you want to add your vote for an option to export silence at the start of tracks which don’t start at zero, please let us know. This will let us measure the “demand” for this.