Exporting a project to a stereo WAV

Hi Folks,

I’ve been quite happily using Audacity on my XP machine to mix some band recordings.

Up to 10 minutes ago at the end of a rough mix I would save the project then export it as a stereo WAV file.
For reasons unknown and probably due to user error it’s now exporting as a mono file!!

All the projects consist of between 6 and 9 monofiles

I’m not aware of making any changes to the export settings.

Can anybody assist please.



You possibly have all tracks centre panned? If you pan at least one track to left or right, it should then export as stereo.

If all of the tracks are mono (and centre panned) the exported file will be mono.
To force the exported file to be 2 channels (even if the audio is actually mono), add an empty stereo track (Tracks menu > Add new > Stereo track).

I’m not sure why you would want to export a mono recording as a stereo file, but that’s how to do it.

Thank you,

I indeed on this recording have all the tracks centre panned. The solution came to me as I was driving to the supermarket but my wife wouldn’t let me put off the monthly shopping to come back and try it.

Now the shopping is done and I’ve got everything working ok again.