Exporting a project from Avid to Audacity

Hi, I want to try exporting my Avid sequence into Audacity to clean up some of the various dialogue tracks etc. I am wondering if I should create a mix down in Avid and export that and just clean it up in one big sweep, or if I should export each clip and segment, or if the sequence itself can be imported into Audacity. Any experience with this?

Avid, as-in Pro Tools? You probably don’t need Audacity at all.

Typically, you’d edit and clean-up the individual tracks first, then after mixing you can optionally “master” the stereo (or multi-channel) mix.

Mastering is the final level adjustments or any other small-final tweaks and it’s usually done by a different engineer with “different ears” on a different setup, etc. You can use Audacity for that, or whatever tools you want.

Although Audacity can mix, it’s missing some features that are standard in a DAW. There is no master volume control, the individual tracks don’t have meters, and the “automation” is crude.

I’m pretty sure can’t import whatever “project format” Avid uses. You can import a multi-track WAV file or individual WAV files (or FLAC or other standard audio formats). A multi-channel file would probably make things harder.

Thanks for the input! Pro Tools is seeming too difficult to learn in my time frame so I had an idea that I could clean up some tracks more easily and quickly in Audition. But I’m realizing I just need to hire a mixer. Budget is tight (non existent) for this project but I have to focus on editing. You answered my question. I’m used to banging away on the Avid and having a support team to figure out the hard stuff

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