Exporting 4 channels audio from h4n into Audacity

I’m a newbie and a technophobe, please be patient.
I recorded a sax quartet with a zoom h4n in 4ch mode, but when I move them to Audacity it only shows two identical channels when I was expecting four.
Any help will be much appreciated.
I’m using version 3.4 on an old pc i7 with windows 10
Thank you

What’s the format? WAV?

Check the file with MediaInfoOnline. It should tell you the number of channels in the file.

Yes, wav files

Do you have your machine set to Reveal Filenames? This hiding file extensions thing is cool and convenient right up until something goes wrong.

I don’t believe regular, plain WAV files support multi-channel (over 2). You really need Broadcast WAV (BWF) files for this job. Is that what you have?


I’m fuzzy here, but I think the MPEG variations can do it, too.



The H4n records in “Stamana Mode” to get multi-track. You need to download the manual to straighten this out.

The manual is 7.5MB. The forum cuts you off at 4MB.


I found the Zoom User Manual online. There is file information on page 51. It’s a bit confusing but it says 4-channel file names start with "4CH" (if you don’t re-name them).

Thank you for your prompt responses and sorting my problem. I didn’t realise that there is two different files - I now have 4 channels in Audacity. Thank you again.

This is me writing that down…


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