Exporting 24 bit WAV

Using Windows 10, Audacity 2.1.2

I know next to nothing about audio files or audio editing, but I have been asked to use Audacity to do some very simple editing of some recordings of bird songs. They were recorded in the 24 bit WAV format, and I am supposed to upload the files, after editing, still in 24 bit WAV

I was told that after editing, I would find that “24 bit WAV” would not be one of the options for exporting a finished file, but that I could choose “other uncompressed files” and in Uncompressed Export Setup select Header: WAV and Encoding: Signed 24 bit PCM.

However, when I follow these directions, my file ends up with an AIFF extension, and will not work.

Can anyone advise me how to do this, so that I end up with a 24 bit WAV file?


There’s a minor bug in the current version where “.aiff” is sometimes added incorrectly to the file name, but it’s easy to fix:
For files that you have already exported, simply change the name from “whateve.aiff” to “whatever.wav”.
For when you are exporting a WAV file next time, just ensure that the name that you give either ends in “.wav”, or the name has no file extension and no dot (“.”) in the name.

The problem only affects the “name” of the file - other than that the export is correct.

Thank you!