Exported tracks reverting back to original state when first recorded.

Hello everyone!
Loving Audacity, but having a conundrum.
I have been successfully exporting the tracks in a few projects I’m working on, into WAV files to be imported into a ProTools system later.
I was having some alignment issues, but easily corrected by cleaning up the varying start/stop points in front of the tracks and generating one big “silence” track in front of all of them, resetting the “zero point” for them to each other, then they don’t shift when being exported.
Except, one of the sessions.
I have cleaned up and generated silence and tried opening and saving from different folders, just in case a root directory was holding onto something, but what is happening, is that when I export the tracks into WAVs via the “Export Multiple” option, and then import them back in in a new session, all the tracks are back in their original state and location, before any editing, aligning, copying / pasting, etc, had been done and saved out later during that original session.
I tried exporting each track one at a time as a WAV by way of “Export Selected Audio” and pull them back in by them one at a time, and get the same result.
I tried saving the Project out as a different name in another folder, and got same results.
What is going on in the session that it’s causing all my tracks to revert back to their originally recorded state when I export them???

Have a great day!

Jim Fagan

Which three-number Audacity version do you have?



Windows 10 Home

One other thing about this particular session, is that a lot of the tracks seem “grouped” together, that when I highlight say, any specific tracks to modify them/delete them, etc, all the tracks above or below my selected ones, also delete or modify in the same selected sections.

I’ve tried reading this sentence numerous times, and I’m still confused by it.

Are you saying that the problem occurs with one project and one project only?
If so, what is the name of the project, and what is the full name and path of the AUP file, and the full name and path to the project’s _data folder?

Are you saying that if you:

  1. modify the project,
  2. save the modified project,
  3. close and restart Audacity,
  4. reopen the project,
    then the project has discarded the changes made in step 1?

If so, then what happens if at step 2 you use “Save As” and save the project with a new name?

Did this go any further? This exactly what I just registered to ask

It appears not.

Given that the original question is lacking detail and not entirely clear, I’d suggest that you start a new topic and provide full details of your set-up, what you are trying to do, what the precise problem is, and what you’ve tried so far to fix it.

Please ensure that you include which version of Windows and which version of Audacity you are using.

I’ll close this topic now as it’s unlikely that jhfagan will get back to us after more than a year.