Exported songs have long silence after audio

Hi everyone, I’m trying to export multiple tracks based on their labels. I have each track marked with a label and extended that label to where I want the songs to end. However, the exported track results in an overly long track. Basically, each song will start where it is supposed to, but they don’t end where they should. After the track plays I just get minutes of silence. Each consecutive track gets shorter and shorter, so all the labels are for some reason just ending at the end of the entire project, not where I’ve marked them to end. I’ll post pictures if need be of my label setup, but does anyone know offhand what I’m missing to prevent them from ending where I’ve marked them?

You have multiple tracks, right? Each Export starts OK, but doesn’t stop until it hits the end of the longest track, or another label on that track.

I don’t remember the solution. You could add a label where you expect each track to end.
The system is designed to export multiple from one single track when the goal is to break one track into songs. But even then you would be adding “stop” labels if you didn’t want the interstitial groove hiss to be part of the song.

Anything in here?



Are you using the current Audacity 2.1.2 supplied by us? See the pink panel at the top of the page.

Are you sure you only have one Audacity track, not Audacity tracks one above the other? 2.1.2 has a bug similar to what you describe if there are multiple Audacity tracks with some empty space somewhere in the project and you export multiple by labels. If you want a mix of multiple tracks, the solution is to Tracks > Mix and Render to “convert” the empty space to silence.

Please do post pictures of the track/label layout if you need more help.