Exported Projects

Audacity 2.0.2 on Windows Vista 32 Bit Home Premium.

I am using Audacity to covert a LP record collection to a digitial Libary, for futher use on other devices. My main libary of choice is Itunes. When I convert my projects using “Export Multiple” using the AIFF format, the files created and uploaded to the Itunes Libary works perfectly. All Track data and information contained in the Metadata Editor is loaded and displayed correctly in Itunes.

When exporting using the WAV format, only the track name is uploaded to the Itunes libary. Album Name, artist etc must be manually added. This appears to be true when using any of the file formats availiable. Only AIFF format makes a quick and easy upload into ITUNES.

The issues here is, AIFF format can not be loaded to non Apple Devices or clouds. I do understand that the file contains the music while Itunes libary uploads the information about the song. Question, how can I upload all the information loaded into Audacity about a track for use with Itunes.

I don’t believe you can with WAV format because by and large WAVs do no carry metadata.

You can either:

  1. continue to import AIFF into iTunes and then use iTunes to convert to WAV

  2. import WAVs into iTunes and work the metadat there (that’s what I do, I find it easier to manage there than in Audacity).


Thanks WC. I was afraid someone you state that there is no easy way.

Don’t see how it is easier to load Itunes with the metdata, using the created WAV file. It appears you have to load each track with much of the same data contained in each of the tracks.

Don’t like it much but it look like loading itunes with the AIFF file then use Itunes to create a WAV track, is the way to go. To bad you can’t do the whole album at once instead as one track at a time.

Guess I will have have to deal with songs in two locations.

Thanks again.

No, all the common metadata for an album can be done in one gowith iTunes. Just select all the songs in the album and then apply Metadata. The tracknmes/songnames get carried over in the Export Multiple and get uses as the songname in iTunes.

No here too, just set your iTunes to manage it’s library externally - then it won’t have it’s own internal copy of the songs.

I happen to want mine internally to iTunes because I like to be able to more esaily back up a whole iTunes library. But in fact even when set for managing its audio files “internally” Itunes doesn’t actually create a database, just a carefully managed filing taxonomy of folders and audio files managed by artist and album.I just find it easier to let iTunes do the work and manage the taxonomy for me. The individual audio files are still available separately for use in other applications if required.


See here for details of which WAV metadata fields are supported:

It shouldn’t be true for MP3 or M4A if you created the metadata in Audacity.

If you Export Multiple your AIFF files from Audacity then you can multiple select those AIFF’s in iTunes, right-click then create WAV versions for all of them (assuming you have WAV chosen in “Import Settings” in “General” Preferences).