Exported Multiple Tracks only Ten Seconds Duration

I exported a file with 10 songs approx. 3 minutes each from a tape. After exporting them as multiples to a WAV file, each song is only 10 seconds in length. What did I do wrong and how do I fix it?

Are you following Splitting a recording into separate tracks - Audacity Manual ?

Do you have enough disk space to export the files?


I labeled each track with it’s own name and separated them by a 4 sec silent interval.

Under Split Files Based On:

Image of selected radio button:
Labels button was checked
Include audio before first label was unchecked, as there is no audio before the first label

Under Name Files:

Image of selected radio button Using Label/Track Name should be checked. (I can’t say if this button was checked or not).

I’ve tried reopening the .aup project and it comes up with a folder and numerous files below it. Which file(s) should I select?

I have nearly 1TB of space on both hard drive discs

That seems OK. Make sure you just click and label at the points where you want to split. Don’t add labels anywhere else.

Always open the AUP file. If you can only see the numerous AU files in the _data folder, go up one level (the icon has a folder with green upwards arrow).

The AUP may also be listed in File > Recent Files.