Exported multiple tracks not saved properly

I’m a new user, v3.1.3 on a Windoze 10 box.

I’ve recorded a ton of songs from my four track machine.
I’m not using a Project – I’m just saving and working with four mono tracks.

After importing and editing the four Mono tracks, I want to save the edited tracks – just in case I want to do additional editing in the future.

I use Export Multiple, create the directory I want to save the tracks to, and finish the export.
I do notice in the metadata tag window, that the Media type shows “Mix.”

When I import the four edited tracks I saved, one track is Mono but the other three tracks are Stereo.
Sometimes, two tracks are Stereo and two Mono.
Another time, all four are Mono.

What am I doing wrong here?


Normally when you export a Mono track, it will create a mono track. However, if you adjust the PAN setting to be other than “Center”, a stereo track will automatically be created. :smiley:

I am sure you already know this, but if you plan to do further editing, save the file as WAV or another lossless format. If you save in a lossy format such as MP3, additional fidelity will be lost each time you do the conversion. :wink:

That explains it. Yes, I had Pan set to other than zero on some tracks.
Thanks for that!

Yes, I save to WAV files.