Exported MP3s have stutters - PLEASE HELP!

I’ve been using Audacity to record my vinyl collection to my Windows PC from an old Technics deck through the line-in port. The recording process works fine, and there are never any glitches in the recorded sound.

However, when I export the recording as an MP3, this is when the trouble starts! The resulting MP3 files often contain sporadic ‘stutters’ - i.e. very short sections of the music (usually no longer than, say, a snare hit) which are duplicated.

None of the surrounding data is lost, so you can acutally re-open the MP3 in Audacity, edit out the repeated section and save it again. However, re-exporting MP3s causes a loss in quality each time; and the exporting process sometimes throws up yet more stutters!

Clearly the problem occurs during encoding - has anyone heard of this before, and what can be done?

Thanks in advance!

We’ve had people with MP3 insanity destroy the lame installation, download a fresh one and install that.

Between those two events–after you delete the lame file, try to export a short music piece to MP3 and it should fail. That’s the confirmation that the old lame software is gone.