Exported mp3 is missing fadeIn at the Besinnung ... replaced Boy silence as it seems

Hi, I Edited a CD Track by removing speech from the orchestra Intro and also rising this Intro Parts volume up to the Rest of the Song (it is originally less because of the speaking on Top) … did so by duplicating the Part twice and then reaplying fadeIns and Outs until it all sounded smooth… In audacity That is … but After exporting the Songs Start does Not Sound anything like my project … it seems to Miss my Fade In and Starts Blasting into it as if they were just cut off …

I don’t know what happened to your fade-ins and fade-outs. But those effects (almost all effects & editing) are applied directly to the audio data and they shouldn’t be un-done just because you export.

One thing that can happen is Audacity can go over 0dB “internally” but most audio formats are hard-limited to 0dB so the exported file can be clipped (distorted) if you aren’t careful with your levels. Or of course, if you export to a low-quality MP3 the exported file can sound worse.

by duplicating the Part twice

There’s no need to do that. You can use the Amplify effect to increase or decrease the volume and/or you can use the [u]Envelope Tool[/u] to fade-up or fade-down the volume. The 'trick" with the Envelope Tool is to leave the endpoints unchanged and fade-up or down so there are no sudden-unwanted volume changes.

…It might be difficult to get a good transition between the voice-removed part and the non-molested part. I’d probably try making two separate tracks/files and re-splicing with a crossfade. (Maybe that’s what you did but I didn’t understand.) But that could cause some “phase weirdness” during the crossfade so it’s just something I’d try.