Exported modified wav file does not have changes

OK, I am in the process of saving my old cassette tapes on my computer. I transferred 1 side to a wav format using xitel INport Delux. I then used Audacity to edit the wav file and remove noise as well as equalized the entire song. When I play the song using Audacity it sounds good. But when I export it as a wave and then use my Windows media player to listen to the song, the distortion is back, perhaps even worse. It is almost as if the saved file is now over driving my media player and causing new distortion. However, if played in Audacity it sounds good. I eventually want to save these songs to a CD. Am I doing something wrong? Why does the exported modified wav file seem to not have any of the editing included (noise or equalizer) when played back?

Thanks for your help, Guy

Audacity out of the box contains settings that a lot of other sound programs don’t like. Make sure your Audacity Preferences are set for 44100, 16-bit (not 32), Stereo (not Mono). Restart Audacity to make sure the setting stick.

See if that doesn’t help.