Exported files playback is mute

I am using Windows 10 and Audacity 3.3.3 and playback in MediaMonkey.
I did not record the audio, but am cutting up an existing mp3 into smaller mp3s. They do play in Audacity, and some of the files exported successfully, but others have no sound on both desktop MediaMonkey and its mobile app. I have tried exporting them as WAV files too with the same results.

I read someone else’s similar problem and it had to do with stereo waves cancelling each other out, but could that be a problem if I didn’t record it? Update: I have tried converting one to mono, still won’t play.

You could try posting a link to one of these WAV files or if you trim it down to 5 or 10 seconds you should be able to post it here.

I tried to export a sample, but it keeps exporting several minutes longer than the section I cut and creates files too large to upload. (this is another recurring issue) Would uploading an mp3 be useful?

File > Export > Export Selected Audio

Also, you could upload to Dropbox or Google Drive for example and provide a link.

An MP3 might work. A WAV is better.

I have tried exporting as you directed and selected 3 seconds, but it still exported 12 minutes. I also tried the method I was using before with the Trim Audio Outside Selection button on the same 3 seconds, and it exported 3 minutes.

Here are the Dropbox links with these two Wavs: wav1 wav2

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