Exported files play but no sound? Help a newbie out?

Audacity 2.4.2
Windows 10.

Just getting started and i must be doing something wrong…

I can record. I can play the recording back in audacity. I can save it. I can export it.
But when i play the track in anything else it there is no sound. It plays the right length of time tho.

Also, I can bring the exported track back into Audacity and it will play the sounds.


If you are recording from a USB device, see: Why have I lost sound after connecting a USB device on Windows?

Alternatively, you can disconnect the USB device from the computer after you have finished recording.

This did it for me. Thanks for the help!

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This rings a different bell for me.

Is it a stereo show? Two blue waves?

You never said what you were recording, but there are microphone systems that record two out of step tracks such that they cancel if you listen on a mono system.

Open a copy of the show. Tracks > Mix > Mix stereo down to mono. Did the show vanish?

Edit > Undo.


When you export a combined video from Lookback you should be able to hear sound on the recording.

If you can’t hear the sound, it could be because of the media player you are using.

Please try opening the video with Quicktime or VLC (download it from [ADVERT REMOVED]) and check if you can hear the sound.

What are you talking about? Audacity does not export video.