Exported files not showing up when I try to open them

Hi- I’m using Audacity 2.1.0 on a Windows 10 laptop. I have been recording successfully, exporting audio files, and then importing or opening them later to create my mixed final…but today, everything that I create and then export does not appear in my folder when I try to open or import it. The files DO appear in the window when I am exporting a different audio file…very strange. I must have selected an option at some point that caused this to happen, but I can figure out what. Thanks for your help!

Possibly you’ve selected some option from the drop-down-menu other than “all files” or “all supported files” …
Drop down menu [coloured yellow].png
Selecting other options will exclude some file types from appearing in the window.

Alternatively you are unintentionally using two different folders : opening files from one folder , and saving [exporting] your work to a different folder, ( rather than having everything in the same folder ).

I am having the same issue. In addition, though the files are not appearing in Windows File Explorer. I have looked through the folder list in the Export window and am looking at the same folder in explorer. This was working just fine before.

Does it work if you export to the Desktop?

I found my files. It seems that windows created a new user folder and “documents” folder on the drive I was using (‘H:/h_documents/radiofreedenton/recordings/projects’ ) for the Audacity project. So the path it was saving to was different than what it appeared to be since it was just saying documents. It seems to have done this on all my drives. the is now a user folder with a documents, music, pictures, and video they are also in the library. I’m still trying to figure out what all happened, but I found all the files I tried to save which is good.