Exported File Size Increase

Windows 7 Pro, Audacity 2.0.5
Hello: I processed a MP3 file from a flash drive by Effects in a Chain which included Normalize, Leveller, Compress and Dynamics 1.2.6, Normalize and Export MP3 back to the flash drive. The problem is the original file size was 13 MB and the Exported file size is 34.68 MB.
Both files are mono and sample rates 44.1 KHz. The bit rate for the original file was 48 kbps and the output file is 128 kbps. I can’t find a way to change the Exported file sample rate to 48 kbps. Can anyone help?

File > Export Audio > Format:MP3, Options.


Quick note when you make an MP3 from an MP3 like that, the actual sound quality of the new show is much more like 24. You get two sound compressions one atop the other. 32 is generally the minimum for mono and 64 for stereo. This quality hit is why we urge strongly against using MP3 for production. Stick to the uncompressed formats like WAV. Then when you’re done, make the MP3 with the idea that it will only be listened to.

There are straight MP3 editors available if all you want to do is cut and very simple production. No filters or effects.


You can export your show with little or no additional damage by Exporting it as WAV or very high quality MP3. Lower qualities will always get worse.