Exported file did not reflect edits

Using OS X Yosemite, Audacity 2.1.0

I was editing an interview and wanted to rearrange some of the questions. I split the audio track into three parts, rearranged them, and joined them again. I then saved the project and exported it into an .aiff file. However, the exported file did not reflect my edits. Am I doing something wrong? I’m pretty new to this program. Thanks!

Did you export with a new and unique name? If not, try that - it may be that your media player is playing the old version rather than the new file.

I did change the file name. The strange thing, too, is that when I open the exported file in iTunes, it does not reflect my changes, but when I open it in either Audacity or QuickTimePlayer, it plays correctly.

I tried this, but still no luck. The weird thing is that the file plays correctly in Audacity (quit, reopened) and in QuickTime, but not on iTunes. iTunes plays the file in the original order, before my edits.

Good, that means that the Export has worked correctly.
I don’t use iTunes, but there is a section in the manual about exporting to iTunes: Audacity Manual

Ok, I saved the clip as a .wav file and it works correctly in iTunes now. I still don’t understand why the .aiff didn’t work, but at least it plays.

I still don’t understand why the .aiff didn’t work, but at least it plays.

Particularly since iTunes uses QuickTime to play music…???


I 'm fairly sure iTunes is the only app on OSX that comes with its own set of codecs. The reason given has always been FairPlay DRM.

However, since “Mastered for iTunes” has become a marketing reality, I suspect Apple is playing other tricks upon us. They need to push “HR Audio”. How else to sell that than making sure your 128 Kbps mp3’s sound not-so-good?

your 128 Kbps mp3’s sound not-so-good?

But still. A different show? I can’t even invent a way to get two different shows.


Were you sure from right-click > Get Info in iTunes that you were playing the newly exported AIFF file? iTunes only shows you the title in the Library listing, so you can never really be sure what you are playing from that.