Exported audio files have no length and do not play

Sorry if my explanation makes no sense. Also, I’m fairly new to using audacity, so I apologize if my issue has an easy solution or something that I overlooked.

Basically what is happening is I’m creating an audio. Play it back, everything is fine, press file>export>export as .ogg. When I export said file, it seems like everything is fine, until I try playing it. Every audio I export doesn’t play anything; it’s just a 0 second audio clip.

Unsure if this info is necessary but if it helps: I’m running on Windows 10, the audio length of what I’m trying to export is (supposed to be) around 4.8 seconds, I’ve tried following the answers to the FQA regarding my issue, I’ve also tried exporting as .wav and .mp3 but neither worked and I need my audio to be a .ogg

If anyone could help, I’d greatly appreciate it.

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