Exported and Re-Import 32-bit float Differ?

Audacity 3.3.3
Windows 10

I recorded a 90 minute concert with my Sound Devices MixPre 10ii in 32-bit float mode.

I imported the 32-bit float data into Audacity.

Within Audacity, I selected several minutes of data that I want to share with another person for special editing. Having done no processing, I immediately exported the data as 32-bit float.

Just to check it (before sending it to the person for editing), I imported the small selection that I just exported.

The import is not the same as the export. The import is a little more than 3 DB higher than what was exported. The data I exported had a peak of about -2.85 DB. Immediately after import, the peak data is clipped-- just a little over.

Since I exported using 32-bit float, and immediately imported what I had just exported, and it showed as 32-bit float after importing, why did I get about a 3 DB boost?

I want to export selected audio as 32-bit float, and then send it to someone, and have that person see exactly what I saw before exporting it.

Is there a way to achieve this, please?

Thank you.


Maybe the track’s “Gain” control (Track “volume” control) was not at zero (center position)

Thank you for your fast and helpful reply.

I deserve a “dope-slap upside the head”.

As soon as I read your reply, I recognized my goof.

Thank you.


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