Exported and Project Files are 0Bytes

sorry if this has been solved elsewhere.

Windows 10 64 Bit
Audacity 3.0.4

I have an 18 minute recording. that was recorded via two blue Yeti which fed into voicemeter banana and then voicemeter fed into audacity.

The audio playbacks fine in audacity. However the exported audio and the saved project files, do not show up in file explorer outside of recent files.

Attempted to open and play the exported files, results in errors with groove music, itunes and windows media player.

Where did you save it? Google Drive? Other cloud or network storage?


I saved it to desktop and to my documents. it does not appear in either except recent files quick access section.

To find out where it lives, you can always right-click on the file in the Recent FIles list, then select “Open file location”.

it tells me where its saved on the right and it says “this PC/Desktop” or “this pc/Documents”

Curious. I guess your machine is set up differently than mine…

https://ibb.co/Q6knVR0 see linked photo. when i go into the folder on the right.none of the files appear. at all. when i try to email myself the files, gmail tells me that the files are 0 bytes.

I appear to have found the solution. For some reason the files were saved to the ADMIN account that I have instead of the user account that was in use when making the recording. very unusual.

very unusual.

But not that unusual. The early Audacity applications used to try and save new work to same directory that had the application. In other words, the System part of the machine. That didn’t go well.


Are you experiencing what happens when the Virus Software gets frightened at something it doesn’t understand? It is pretty unusual for the machine to only pass parts of a file.