Export with external encoder examples.

Hi all
I am trying to export a voice recording in Audacity, to my flash drive, as a WAV file, but it has to be in 24 bit, as I am going to have a friend open it in his software and do the mixing with music for me and he has asked me to save it (I mean export it) as a WAV in 24 bit, not 16 bit

but the only option that Audacity gives me when I open the EXPORT window, is the WAV (Microsoft signed) 16 bit, there is no 24 bit or 32
I have already specified in Preferences and format in Audacity that is has to be 24 bit and so I have done in my audio settings as well
Could you help me to understand how I can export this file as a 24 bit WAV file? Am I missing something?

Thank you so much, I appreciate it very much

In the Export dialogue screen, (where you select the export format), select “other uncompressed files” as the file type, then click on the “Options” button.
Select “WAV (Microsoft)” as the Header, and “Signed 24 bit PCM” as the Encoding.

Awesome, thank you I knew there was a way thanks Steve