Export to WAV not maintaining settings

Hi. I’ve been editing an audiobook and am all ready to go. Everything is within ACX range on my audacity files. Yet as soon as I try to export to WAV, or MP3, the settings all change and I fail ACX check. Any thoughts? Thanks so much.

Do you use ACX-Check to ensure your compliance and do you use Audiobook Mastering Macro to prepare your shows?

Mastering Macro intentionally “cheats” the compliance figures to avoid failure because of format changes. ACX requires 192 Constant MP3 for submission and even at that high standard, the conversion to MP3 is not exact.

Post a screen shot of your “failed” ACX-Check. A text entry window has a block with up arrow icon. The forum didn’t use to allow new users to post anything, but that’s been changed to allow analysis like this.


There it is. This is a good sample performance.

Note The Peak Level is not -3.0dB. It’s quieter. The specification is quieter than -3.0dB

Also the Noise Floor is quieter than -65dB on purpose. The specification is -60dB, but certain types of noise can cause problems at that volume. I picked -65dB out of thin air and this performance easily makes that.

Also note if you have a good quiet, echo-free room to record in, you may not need noise reduction software in your production. It is doable.


So your book is available for me to buy on Amazon right now? That’s one of the first level requirements. Also you can’t submit a cookbook, or anything else on this list. Scroll down.


Sorry. No Comic Books.

ACX used to allow you to submit a sample reading for analysis and comment. That’s how I found out I was not cut out for reading—I’m not giving up the day job.

They don’t do that any more. You can, however submit a short voice test to the forum.



Thank you for your answers. The Audiobook will be going onto ACX once I get these files straight! I have found a fix by exporting to WAV, then normalising on the new track.

Thank you for posting your solution.

Just so I understand, you export to perfect quality WAV, then open up that WAV file, normalize it, and then make ACX’s MP3 file?

I’m taking from that you don’t use the Audiobook Mastering Macro. The Macro automatically takes care of that.


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