Export to project or imported file folder by default

Hi everyone. This is a feature request.

When we use one of the Export commands, it opens by default the last folder used for export or the default export folder as set in preferences.

But, what happens very frequently to me is that I am working on an imported file, or a project file, and I want to export to the same folder as the original file I’m working on. And, when I click Export, I forget that the export dialog doesn’t open in the folder I want, and I simply export the file to the wrong folder. This happens almost every time, and I need to reopen the export dialog just to discover which folder I exported the file to.

So, I think the correct behaviour of the export dialog would be to open by default in the folder where the project I’m working on is saved, or the folder of the [first?] imported file.

Thanks in advance.

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I second this. Not having this option in 2024 is just utter nonsense!