Export to MP3 No Longer Available 3.4.2

Installed 3.4.2 earlier today. No option to export MP3 etc. Installed Lame and FFmeg for windows in attempt to troubleshoot - no change…

Format drop down is empty

Will not import mp3 either. Even ones created previously as export from Audacity.

This happens if you don’t have all required .dlls for Audacity. They should be in a modules subfolder to the folder that the Audacity.exe resides in. How did you install Audacity?

Installed from the link in the pop-up (informing of new version) when starting Audacity.

Seemed to be a conflict during install with the currently running version.

Closed everything.

Restarted machine uninstalled Audacity.

Installed again from the downloaded package.

(As a side note. Was in a rush so later dowloaded 3.05. Could open my 3.4.2 project and exported mp3 without issue from the 3.05 executable.)

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