Export to ascii

Hello… I would like to know if is there a way to, after record a sound from the microphone, export it to an ascii file (single column, no header, only values) ?

I tried t use the"uncompressed" type of files, but I got no success.

Thanks in advance


Somebody asked for something like this earlier. You need to find the WAV file format specification and use a debugger program and maybe Pearl Script to rip apart the file and scoop out the numbers.

I know of no such program.

It would be quite a spreadsheet, wouldn’t it? One second of CD Quality audio equals forty four thousand, one hundred entries, each with a number between 1 and 65,536. If you had a minute of show, Excel would probably explode.


It would be quite easy to write a Nyquist plug in to do this - but why would you want to?
If you are sufficiently motivated, I can give you some pointers with how to do this with Nyquist programming. (Audacity includes a partial implementation of the Nyquist programming language and enables users to write their own plug-ins using a relatively simple programming language).